NebbiaGialla: the most important italian crime festival

NebbiaGialla: the most important italian crime festival

NebbiaGialla Noir Festival at Suzzara is the most important Italian Crime Festival.

Its first edition dates back to 2007 and since then the Festival has become through the years an outstanding reference meeting and a national and international set up for crime fiction authors. Thousands of Italian passionate readers come from every part of Italy in order to participate to the fair.

The Festival is directed by the writer Paolo Roversi and it has the goal to conciliate the passion for noir novels with the “Bassa Territory”. Premio Suzzara was conceived on the land where Guareschi and Zavattini were born, the land of the River Po with its traditions and gastronomic specialties as well as its weather peculiarities like the Fog, which gives in fact the name to the Festival.

The NebbiaGialla Suzzara Noir Festival has met year after year with an increasing public and critic success thanks to the variety and quality of its offers.

During the Festival culture and reading become entertainment; Suzzara is a place where readers and writers can indulge in meetings in a convivial atmosphere.

During the NebbiaGialla Noir Festival the entire town of Suzzara gets lively: the historic centre with its cafés and restaurants is involved in meeting, discovering and exploiting the territory in order to conciliate the passion for noir novels with this extraordinary land. All shop windows are dressed up in yellow and the national press pays particular attention to Suzzara for the entire duration of the Festival.
The NebbiaGialla Suzzara Noir Festival has become during these years a cultural and artistic heritage that has given to Suzzara national and international echo, fame and prestige. The Festival has hosted many authors who have climbed (and go on climbing) the top of the best-sellers lists in Italy and abroad: writers such as Maurizio De Giovanni, Antonio Manzini, Marcello Simoni, Marcello Fois, Donato Carrisi , Alessia Gazzola, Massimo Carlotto, Margherita Oggero and, among the foreign autors, Wulf Dorn, Lars Kepler, Peter Aspe, Tim Baker, Melanie Raabe, Simone Buchholz, Torkil Damhaug, Kati Hiekkapelto, Linus Reichlin

(grazie per la traduzione a Raffaella Bianchi)

NebbiaGialla 2018

La dodicesima edizione del NebbiaGialla Suzzara Noir Festival si terrà dal 2 al 4 febbraio 2018

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